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We spend a lot more time planning what we’re going to do instead of doing what we planned.

We spend a lot more energy making excuses instead of doing the work so we won’t need any.

We spend a lot more effort finding ways to be efficient instead of doing it the less efficient way but be done with it.

We lose a lot more reputation in hiding our mistakes instead of admitting them straight on.

We live a lot more bad days in bitching about our miserable work instead of the bad days because we are changing the way we work.

We crush a lot more of our feelings in hearing gossips about us instead of just asking about it directly.

We lose a lot more sleep because we worry about life instead of losing it because we give life our best.

That’s why feeling uncomfortable is a big thing. A huge thing.

Because when we are comfortable we do a lot of stupid things.

Instead of doing the right things.