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Your Wedding Album Is Our Best To You
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Been wanting to do this for ages.

Whenever a product holds a different idea than the rest of the crowd, the products has the responsibility to explain why that is.

I’m reminded to the story in the Steve Jobs biography.

Apparently what started the iconic Apple Stores was when Steve and the gang found out that when you put the Macintosh inside a Radio Shack (imagine Electronic City) – they don’t make any sense.

The Macs have no CD-drive (everyone has them), they’re colorful (everyone is beige grey), they look funny (everyone is boxy), and they’re expensive as heck. People didn’t understand them so people stayed away from them.

So Steve decided to make these Apple Stores so the team and the store itself got the chance to share the reasons for all these strangeness (there is, of course, a reason for everything that they did).

Also, the stores became a great relief for everyone that have been long searching for a high-quality, colorful, and different kind of computer. “I told you, I know I am not the only one!” they exclaimed. They’re believers and now they know that they’re not alone.

We want to believe that everything we do in Edward Suhadi Productions is for a reason, and never because everyone is doing it. But sometimes the reasons are not that easy to understand, even though we believe they are the right reasons.

That’s why we’re making these videos, and tagged them #ESP_Believe

It’s our little Apple Store.

For the (already) believers, spread this far and wide and let the others know: They are not alone.

And for those used to shop computers elsewhere, we hope after watching this you’ll bring a Mac home with you 🙂

Our first video:

[youtube id=”z6GFJDsw7GU”]