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I Cried Watching A Tennis Match
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I don’t know if it was because of all the kwetiaw I ordered with Gojek last night, but seeing this video I become really emotional.

A terrific display of sportsmanship

Jack Sock showed what good sportsmanship is all about.

Posted by SB Nation on Wednesday, January 6, 2016

In today’s times where we see so many people are cheating and back-stabbing and doing everything and anything to win, to get more, to have more, and to be on the top, what Jack Sock did was really an inspiration. I cried like a baby watching men in shorts this morning. I was really moved. It was so beautiful.

If you have kids, families, friends, colleages, subordinates, teach them this:

The way is always more important than the win.


What good about life is always the way.

Knowing that you achieved something through the right way, the honorable way, is all that matters.

What good is owning something but you know you took what is not yours?

What good is winning and standing on the winner’s podium but you know that the other guy deserves it more than you do?

For me the win is always just an extra bonus.

I always remember, thankful, and cherished the way I got here, a lot more than victory’s peak itself.


Losing a match, losing a job, lost a pitch, made fun by your friends, those are nothing.

There’s always another match, a finer boss, a bigger project, and better friends.

Because hardwork, bravery, grit, honesty, and sportsmanship, they make the true win for the real winners.

(For example: you see the other guy got the point serve, but we can’t remember what’s-his-name, and we all know about Jack Sock. And tell me, who would you want to marry your daughter? *wink*)


Thank you Jack Sock for this. I don’t think I’ve seen a more beautiful smile.

Who said that people are crap and all hopes are lost.

That day on the court you proved that hopes, are plenty.

Like it was said in the video: You lost the match but you’ve won our hearts.

In life, I’ll try my best to make that call you made.

Here’s a more complete video. Get a tissue.

(Tip: This is a great video to watch with your kids and teach them something about life.)


  1. thanks ko, inspiring banget, and very well said. hasil itu bukan segalanya. prosesnya jauh lebih penting dari hasil!
    ijin share tulisan koko yaah 🙂

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