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If You're Giving Birth On National Television
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Make sure the kid is worth it.

Make sure you’re giving all you can so the kid can be someone of worth, someone who is not a dissapointment and a waste of oxygen on this earth.

Nobody can tell the future but as parents you have a huge and direct connection to what your kid will become.

We cringe at that recent national live event but we too do it all the time with our weddings.

We take the most elaborate prewedding pictures in the most exotic places. We make the most romantic prewedding videos with the sweetest script ever. We plan and arrange and make sure that our wedding is the mostest and the bestest. And we spend a heck lot of money on it.

I am not at all against all of the above, but if you did all that for your wedding:

Make sure you’ll have a marriage to match.

Make sure you give your marriage the same effort, care, love and sacrifice you give in preparing your wedding.

Otherwise, there’s no difference between you and that celebrity what’s-his-name.

Google and Apple started out as a simple start-up without crazy million-dollar funding and elaborate launching parties, but they turned out to change the world.

Also to remember in these Christmas times: Jesus was born in a modest barn in the middle of nowhere, but He too turned out okay 🙂

Because life is how you live it and how you end it, a lot more than how you start it.