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What Are You Doing For New Year's Eve?
Edward Suhadi comment 0 Comments

“You’re not doing anything on new year’s eve? That’s sad,” what people would say.

And so: we feel sad.

I used to be sad. But not anymore.

You see, I often thought about the people that couldn’t do anything on their new year’s eve, even if they wanted to.

People on duty: The policemen, the air traffic controller, the nurses, the security people lurking inside all those Sudirman buildings.

People that couldn’t afford to not making money, even for a day: Tukang gorengan, tukang mie tek-tek, asongan rokok. “If I’m not out peddling, my family will not eat tomorrow,” that’s what they said one time when I asked them.

People that just don’t have the time, the opportunity, and the money, to celebrate new year’s eve. If you asked them, they will definetely say, “Well Boss, it is just another day. It’s just another night for us. Happy New Year. Yay.”

And with that, I gained a lot of new perspective. And definetely gratefulness.

So wherever you are now, even if you are sad that you are not doing anything for your new year’s eve, but you can understand this English and read this on a smartphone, I have to assume you are better off than all the people above.

What if you are celebrating new year’s eve with a big way, with a great party surrounded by family and friends? That’s great. Really. Good for you. I too will definetely enjoy it if I was at such a party.

But if you are not, just remember what the less fortunate said: “It really is just another night.”

I like what Mbak Alissa Wahid tweeted:
“A date is just a marker. Being new is a matter of the soul.”

So you could start your year with being thankful and a basketful of gratefulness.

Happy New Year.