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The Soup Will Follow The Bowl
Edward Suhadi comment 3 Comments


I learned this like 15 years ago from a friend.

He told me this:

“Never ask for achievements, riches and successes.

You only have one job and one job only: Increase your capacity.

Because as your capacity grows, so will everything else in your life.

Those sentences changed my life.

Because you see, we humans usually crave for success. We crave for riches. A great business. A big fat salary. Recognition and fame.

What we often forget is that in life, you will only get what your plate can hold.

So if you dreamed of success that is larger than life itself but you only have the capacity of a tiny bowl and you never worked to increase your capacity, than you will only be dreaming for a long time.

A boss will always give a raise to an employee that has proven himself, like a client will only give us the big projects after they see we can handle the small ones, and never the other way around. (Although we always thought life happens the other way around.)

So you want to be bigger, you want to have better?

Increase your capacity.

Finish the small projects admirably, before you ask for the huge ones.

Do the work required of you in this position and then some, before you ask for a raise and a better position.

Lead yourself and your family first, before you ask to be called a leader or a boss.

Manage your feelings and grow up in character, before you ask to lead a team of people.

Handle the small jobs the clients give you, before you ask for the better paying ones.

Learn new skills and read more books before you ask to handle bigger, more complex responsibilities.

Remember: As you increase your capacity, so will everything else in your life will increase.

This is the story of my life.

Because when the world see how big your bowl is, it will pour you your soup.


  1. aku ngrasa tulisan mas indah banget.
    real. bitter yet sweet.
    kayak ya gitu deh hidup, bisa naik bisa turun. dan kita yang sayangnya bukan pusat dunia, kudu bisa survive.
    mboh piye carane

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